Total Asset Allocation

The four rays of sun in our logo allude to four categories of investment: preservation, capital markets, real estate, and alternatives. It is important you know your total asset allocation.


The goal is to preserve principal. Strategies include instruments like checking and savings accounts, CD’s, and fixed annuities.

Capital Markets

The goal is to invest in thousands of publicly- traded companies located across the globe. Strategies include utilizing mutual funds, ETFs, or closed-end funds to achieve broad diversification.

Real Estate Investments

The goal is to invest in hard assets that are tangible. Strategies include single family residences, multi-family, industrial, and retail properties.

Alternatives Investments

The goal is to invest outside of the capital markets. Strategies include private equity, private credit, oil & natural gas, cryptocurrency, and tax-liens.

In addition to these four areas, we also focus on our role as a behavioral coach. Just like a skilled sailor, we help you chart your course and stay on track, no matter how the markets perform. Rather than try to out-guess the market, we focus on long-term investments and customized solutions.