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 Our Investment Philosophy

As your behavioral coach, we help you follow a rational and evidence-based investment process rather than an emotional one. The only wrong portfolio is the one you abandon during the bad times. Below are other principles and values we hope to impart to our clients.

Plan First

Our portfolio serves our financial plan which reflects our goals. Investing should have the exclusive purpose of minimizing the risk we don't achieve our goals.


Optimism, patience, and discipline are our guiding values. We don't let current events, politics, or the media distract us. Instead, we focus on consistently saving & investing.


We build diversified model portfolios in-house to reduce costs for our clients. Please see the Investment Universe page to see our entire investment offering line-up.

No Market Timing

We are long-term, buy & hold investors who do not attempt to forecast or time the investment markets. The only way to be sure of capturing the total premium return of equities is to ride out their frequent declines. We don't sacrifice long-term returns to reduce short-term volatility. 

Customized Portfolios

We build highly customized portfolios based on our client's individual timeframes, objectives, and risk tolerance.