Investment Approach

As your captain, we hope to impart our investment philosophy to help you navigate your financial journey.


We understand that investment success comes from continuously act on on a written financial plan and reviewing that plan regularly.

Investor Behavior

Optimism, patience, and discipline are our guiding values. We don’t worry about the markets or over-react to current events. In short, we help remove emotion from the investment process.


We build diversified portfolios with thousands of the brightest companies all over the world. Where appropriate, we also believe clients should have a portion of their money allocated to alternative investments.


We make no attempt to forecast or time the equity market. The only way to be sure of capturing the full premium return of equities is to ride out their frequent (but ultimately temporary) declines.

Redefining Risk

Risk should be measured as the probability that we don’t achieve our goals (not by yearly market swings). Investing should have the exclusive goal of minimizing that risk.

In addition to these four areas, we also focus on our role as a behavioral coach. Just like a skilled sailor, we help you chart your course and stay on track, no matter how the markets perform. Rather than try to out-guess the market, we focus on long-term investments and customized solutions.