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What's Up At The WealthPlan - November 2020

November 30, 2020

Dear First Mates,

In today's episode, I discuss three topics: 

Establish Systematic Savings

For those sitting on extra cash, now is a great time to establish a direct deposit into your brokerage accounts. Let the power of compounding work for you by systematically saving and investing irrespective of current market conditions. 

New Model Portfolios

I'm excited to announce I have launched several new portfolio strategies. I'd love to take the time to review them with you. Please schedule a call hereHere are the names of the 6 strategies:

  1. Core series - the focus is to invest in a a fully diversified market portfolio that is where most of my clients are fully invested) 
  2. Yield - the focus is to generate a strong yield through dividends and interest annually 
  3. Theme - the focus is to invest in the latest themes and megatrends (e.g., robotics, self-driving cars) 
  4. ESG - the focus is to invest in socially responsible companies
  5. Top 10! - the focus is to invest in my top 10 favorite stocks
  6. Private Equity Alternative- the focus is to invest in private businesses 

Of course, all models can be blended to fit your specific needs.

I'm delighted to report that I have added Holstiplan to help provide clients with a 2-page tax summary analysis. The tool also allows for forward tax planning estimates. Very cool! To receive the analysis, please send me your most recent tax return