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May 2020 Newsletter - Personal Financial Dashboard

June 15, 2020

Dear First Mates,

Hello there! I hope this email finds you safe, in good spirits, and healthy. For this months’ newsletter, I’d like to discuss the importance of having your own Personal Financial Dashboard. This dashboard will enable you to do some (or even all) of the following five things:

1) Link accounts to get an accurate net worth balance
2) Connect banks and credit cards to help you budget
3) Access valuable reports such as balance sheet and cash flow
4) Store important documents in an online vault (wills, passports, etc.)
5) Create/update your financial plan

I provide a piece of financial technology called eMoney that enables my clients to do all the above. Other companies that have some of these features include: Mint, Personal Capital, and simplify by Quicken. Irrespective of the product chosen, taking the time to organize your finances digitally may be one of the best investments (of time) you can make!

I recently gave an educational webinar entitled COVID-19 Planning Opportunities that covers actionable ideas during this pandemic. You can watch the replay here. Finally, I launched a new series called: “What’s Up At The WealthPlan” where I discuss all things on my brain and what I’m working on for my practice to serve you better. You can watch that video here.


With gratitude,
David Warshaw, CFP®