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May 2023 Newsletter - The Art & Science of Investing Webinar

May 2023 Newsletter - The Art & Science of Investing Webinar

May 23, 2023

Dear First Mates,

 I hope I find you all well and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. For this month, I'd like to mix it up and share a webinar I recently recorded called "The Art & Science of Investing." 
Think of this recording as an Investing 101 course that I'm confident you will enjoy and share with loved ones - especially your children! 

You can view the webinar by clicking this link here

Dave's Picks

Finance vid o' the month! 

Banking Crisis: Should We All Just Move to a Big Bank?

  • The always excellent Rob Berger addresses the following questions:
  • 1. How this banking crisis is different than 2008
  • 2. Whether we should abandon small and regional banks and put all of our money in big banks
  • 3. How to protect your cash wherever you bank and
  • 4. And a possible investment opportunity for those who believe in the future of regional banks.

Fun YouTube vid o’ the month!

David Warshaw Comedy Routine I

  • I tried my hand at stand-up comedy back in 2015. I hope you enjoy and for full disclosure, this video is NSFW. Now that I'm married with a kid, boy do I have more material! 

Muisc track o’ the month!

Luke Combs - Fast Car

Read o’ the month!

How Much is Enough to Retire Comfortably? - Ben Carlson

  • A great read covering how much people need to properly retire. The best line from the article: "This stuff is not easy because it’s hard to make financial plans that can last for 2-3 decades once you retire. That’s why retirement planning is a process and not an event." I couldn't agree more, Ben.