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July 2019 Newsletter - A Must Read

July 15, 2019

Hope you are all enjoying the summer and are having a blast. I'd encourage you all to read this article that I shared. It is pretty long but well worth the read. The conventional wisdom, which I still support, is to save at least 10% to 20% of your paycheck and invest it in the public markets. After 30 years of doing that, you now entire retirement and drawdown that account until you either pass or run out (heaven-forbid). 

This article focuses on more unconventional wisdom, which I also support. The gist is this. Cash flow (as opposed to cash) is KING. We all have monthly income sources and monthly expenses and that will never change. People should focus on building up their monthly passive income - and investments (albeit traditional or alternatives investments) are only one quarter of the pie . The author explains that there are ACTUALLY four types of passive income. 


1) Buy cash flowing assets

2) Build cash-flowing assets

3) Share or sell assets

4) "Reverse passive income" 

While my industry has done a fairly good job at helping investors buy cash flowing assets, I think types 2-4 really need to be considered. You are, after all, only truly financially independent if you have more passive income than actual expenses. Let me know what you think!